The counterfeit and the lack of a suitable traceability cause huge damages in several industries.

On one hand, everyone working in any supply chain is highly familiar with the time and economic loss caused by a lack of a traceability and the significant and strategic value added that can be adduced by the big data delivered by a full traceability and control on every single serial unit since the very beginning of the production process.  

On the other hand, it is disconcerting how many social and economic damages are caused by the counterfeit in some industries.

According to “Case study 41” by Business Innovation Observatory of the European Commission, the counterfeit in the Pharma sector leads to:

  • +3000 deaths/year in G20 Countries;
  • +70 billion USD/year of direct economic damage;
  • +15 billion USD/year of undirected extra cost.

As concerns the Food sector, the counterfeit, accordingly to data provided by Coldiretti (association of the Italian agricultural producers) is guilty of:

  • 2 out of 3 products fake “Made in Italy”;
  • +60 billion USD/year of counterfeit “Made in Italy” food, that can be deemed an actual direct economic damage to the real Made in Italy industry;
  • millions of diseases per year in the world due to counterfeit food.


For the reasons above, SAMS Technology planned to benefit Pharma and Food sectors more urgently with its technological solution.

More precisely, the first markets targeted are:

  • Pharma packaging
  • Food packaging

Gaming and Identification Documents are surely the next promising outlets of the technology transfer process being performed by SAMS Technology.


SAMS Technology’s innovative machines and processes provide physical markings of the packaging with a unique ID, that opens to connect a physical object to its own Digital Twin.

That is a PHYGITAL solution for a full traceability, not just for a batch but for every single product, along the all supply chain from the very beginning to the consumer, ensuring:

  • Optimized recall process;
  • Reduced mix-up events;
  • Deep quality control;
  • Anti-counterfeit and brand protection;
  • Huge data volume to analyze for strategic purposes;
  • Improved production efficiency;
  • Resistance and durability;
  • Very low impact on consolidated standard operations.

Innovative physical marking

Digital twin

Industrial user & consumer