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Discover our marking machines that make primary packaging traceability of any material possible!

Why traceability

Numbers in Pharma, Food, and Cosmetics supply chain

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Global market value of counterfeit pharmaceuticals

$ 0

Market value of counterfeit ‘Made in Italy’ food

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Cosmetics sales losses in Europe due to counterfeiting

Our Purpose

A more connected, digital, transparent and sicure supply chain

Our mission is to provide industrial systems and digital traceability services for primary packaging products to the pharma, food and cosmetics supply chains. SAMS marking machines are capable to print high-resolution 2D matrix code on many different materials. We can thus enable the link between the physical object and its digital copy, offering a new way of accessing information and ensuring its authenticity.

Our Company

We bring science and innovation together

We are an innovative start-up coming from the Italian Institute of Technology – IIT, one of Italy’s leading Research Centers. After several years of academic research in the field of photonics, our team decided to put the knowledge gained in the service of traceability and anti-counterfeiting, because we believe that a safer and more efficient supply chain is possible!

Awards & Recognition